Bay View Gallery Night


Business Participate

The next BVGN event will be on Friday September 27th, 2024

Business participation deadline: August 30, 2024

Participation form link:

If you are interested in participating as a venue highlighting and celebrating local arts/crafts/music on Bay View Gallery Night, please use the link above and we will get back to you with more information.

Location: Your business must fall within the BVGN Participation Area as seen on this map. If you have any questions please contact us.

Requirements: You must feature the work of at least one local artist (or musician or fashion designer) on display to the public from at least 5pm – 9pm (or later) on the day of the event, and your venue must be free to enter. Certain exceptions can be made on a case by case basis, please contact us with questions.

Participation Fee: Businesses that will be participating in Bay View Gallery Night must fill out the participation form and pay the $35 fee to confirm their listing both online and in the printed event maps. If you’ve already filled out the form and still need to pay you can do so here. Businesses must have a complete listing (including artist and/or musician details) and payment noted or they will not be eligible to participate.

Sponsor/Business Ads: Help us keep BVGN going by becoming a sponsor or buying ad space in our booklet. Businesses participation fee is waived as part of all sponsor/ad packages!

Please email us with questions at

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